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     Prices listed include shipping and handling. 

      Custom Orders

          Crafting purses is a one-at-a-time process.  Each is hand crafted from start to finish and is unique.
           If you don't see something you like available here, a custom crafted purse can be made to your
           size/color specifications.
           Email, or call for more information on custom orders.



          Discounts available on orders of 12 or more.  Email, or call for more information.



            The preferable method for cleaning your new felted purse is either spot cleaning or dry cleaning. 
            If it becomes really dirty and you feel you must, it can be washed in COLD water, mild soap, rinsed, blotted
            between towels, stretched gently back into shape and hung up to dry. 
            NEVER put a felted purse in the dryer.



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